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Maximize Your Talent Pipeline by Utilizing Social Media

Social media is everywhere, and just about every company is on social media, but is your company getting the most out of its social media investment, especially when it comes to recruiting?

Yes, you can contact prospective employees over LinkedIn and Facebook, but you should be doing much more than that? Social media can help you build a pipeline of talent that you can tap into whenever you need to find candidates for your open positions. A talent pipeline has been proven to provide better candidates faster than job posting alone.

With these benefits in mind, consider the following tips for building a talent pipeline with social media.

A Social Media Strategy Requires Playing the Long Game

For companies, social media is all about building a reputation game, and recognizing that it takes time to do correctly. If you’re hoping to land the perfect candidate on social by end-of-day on Friday, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

Businesses can also use social websites as an approach to learning and connecting with people. If you follow people in your industry with interesting insights, you might find that interacting with them, and their followers can help build an attractive talent pipeline. Also, share relevant content you think is interesting and engaging to build your own follower count.

Keep It Real

When you’re representing your company on social media, there can be a temptation to be robotic or not saying anything wrong. This is not a temptation you should not indulge.

When on social media for your company, don’t feel the need to be the company rendition of yourself. Just be yourself. People want human connection, even on social media. Let them relate to you on a human level.

Make Lasting Connections

Hiring personnel often mistakenly try to use social media as a talent repository or resume database that only gets used when a position opens up. Instead, it must be used as a tool to build a talent pipeline of lasting relationships.

Being an effective hiring manager is all about your capability to network and form connections. In its most basic form, social media can supercharge your networking capacity, generate new connections more quickly, and support existing relationships, all with a few clicks and keystrokes.

Social websites are based on relationships, and this is at the core of hiring as well. The essential thing to consider with regards to social media is that they still involve human relationships. Prioritize establishing a connection with people as you would if you were interacting in-person.

Extend Your Brand

Social media is crucial to your company’s brand as an employer, as job seekers use a range of resources to create an opinion about companies. In addition to following official company profiles, potential employees also often follow others with corporate handles to get a view inside companies they have applied to or are considering sending an application. Applicants are no longer willing to take company career pages as their only source of information on a business.

We Can Help Your Company Build a Talent Pipeline

At ZDA, we specialize in connecting our clients to a deep and wide talent pipeline that we have built up over the years. Please contact us today to find out how we can connect your company to this pipeline.

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