Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

Master a Strong 30 Second Pitch

Master a Strong 30 Second Pitch

Your 30 second pitch will be used in your cover letters and when you are networking. It will also prepare you to answer the dreaded question “Tell me about yourself.”

You need to write down more than one – keeping in mind the following:

Who you are addressing?

What is important to this person?

Who your competitors are?

What do you offer that others do not?

You are not trying to tell your life story. You are stressing the benefits you can offer this person, while including a call to action.

If you are currently in a job search, not working and attending a networking event, an appropriate 30 second pitch would be: “I’m a free agent in the job market and bring ten years of top performance sales skills to the table. If you know anyone interested in networking with a high achiever, I would certainly appreciate a referral. Here is my resume card.”

Pamela Day


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