Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

LinkedIn Open Candidate Helps You Find Your Next Supply Chain Job

LinkedIn recently rolled out a new feature that allows employed professionals to anonymously signal companies they are interested in moving to a new job. The social network said it will keep a user’s Open Candidate posting hidden from their current employer, allowing professionals to signal their availability without risking their current job situation.

While the new feature may make companies more concerned than ever about the loyalty of their employees, the feature can be a great thing for both workers and companies. Obviously, this new tool gives professionals more power than ever when it comes to finding employment. The new tool is also a formal way for companies to peruse other companies’ employees and poach talented people who can provide significant value to their organization.

How it works

The new function eliminates any uncertainty surrounding an employed LinkedIn user’s interests by letting them send out a signal that is visible only to hiring personnel subscribed to LinkedIn’s premium tier that are not with user’s current employer.

To use Open Candidates, click on the ‘Jobs’ menu, then click on the ‘Preferences’ option. A menu enables you to provide some details on the kinds of offers you’re interested in. This allows hiring personnel to see the kind of role you might want and ensures any opportunities they contact you for are strongly related what you’re seeking.

The benefits

In addition to being able to signal your willingness to entertain offers in a clandestine way, Open Candidate also offers a number of other advantages. The feature allows you to let other companies know when and where you’re willing to start working. This aspect is invaluable to professionals who are willing to relocate for their career.

Open Candidates also allows for users to pick the particular industries or company types they are interested in working for next. So, if you are a supply chain professional currently in manufacturing who wants to work for a logistics provider, you can indicate that. Or, if you currently work for a massive corporation and want to work for a small company next, you can indicate that as well.

Risks and pitfalls

While Open Candidates is designed to keep your current employer from finding out you’re open to leaving, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for them to find out.

Recruiters and people who work in human resources talk to each other all the time, especially in tight-knit industries. If someone from another company sees you via Open Candidates and talks to people at your company – you’ve been found out.

Also, like anything else on the internet, using this function opens you up to spam. You can be certain that some less-discerning recruiters will message you about a position you probably aren’t interested in.

Finally, only recruiters on LinkedIn’s premium, paid tier have access to this feature. Therefore, smaller companies not willing to make that investment won’t be able to see your potential interest.

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