Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

For Job Search Success, You Need to Be Proactive – 5 Tips to Help

It’s easy to feel powerless throughout a job hunt. From not getting a response to your resume and cover letter to getting a rejection email after the in-person interview, the entire ordeal can be an ego-bruising endeavor.

However, you aren’t powerless. There are several things you can do to stand out from the crowd and increase your odds of getting hired. First, you should acknowledge how essential it is to remain positive. You also have to stay driven to keep the ball rolling by doing research, developing a strategy and being persistent.

Identify target companies

We all have dream companies we’d like to work for. While it’s nice to dream, focusing on just one company isn’t a proactive strategy.

Instead, you should be looking for other potential employers to daydream about. To find other dream employers, look at unique companies that resemble your dream employer, find out what their primary clients are and the personalities at the top of each organization.

Hone in on your top picks

Once you’ve identified a group of companies that seem promising, do a deep dive on each to determine which ones you should send an application. Employer review sites like Glassdoor can help you get a sense of the workplace environment, the positives and the negatives. Social media profiles can tell you a lot about the company brand and mission. News stories can tell you if they are expanding operations or going through tough times. Trade publications can provide specific details on the challenges you might be facing if you got the job.

Know your message

Every interaction you have with a potential employer or person in your professional network sends a strong message. For instance, if you submit an application for too multiple positions within one business, you might seem desperate. A better approach is to figure out the differences between each job and what each job requires for success. If you are well-qualified for two jobs at the same employer, submit materials for both.

Never apply for more than two jobs at the same company, unless they are in different locations.

Know your unique value

When you are selective about the positions you apply for, it presents you with the opportunity to describe how you’re uniquely qualified for the role. Some online research or conversations with people in your network can help you locate what challenges a company is facing and how you could help the company confront them, which you should include in your application materials.

Tell a story

Great resumes tell a story: They show the past, present and future of an applicant’s career. To ensure your resume is telling a story, figure out what your best credentials are and develop a narrative around them. If you get stuck trying to develop a good narrative, create a summary section of major “plot points” and connect the dots by using language that naturally moves the reader from one plot point to the next.

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