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It’s 2019 – Social Media is Essential to Recruiting Top Candidates

Social media has become ubiquitous and it’s had an impact on everything from local news to presidential politics.

Given their reach, platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook allow recruiters the opportunity to connect with a much broader range of candidate than they could without them. Furthermore, social media is a great way to build connections with passive candidates; people who aren’t necessarily looking for work, but who would be open to changing jobs if the right opportunity presented itself. Social media can help you showcase your company’s employer brand and why your organization is a great place to work.

While many employers use social media to recruit top candidates, not all of them are doing so in the most effective ways possible. Consider the following effective approaches to recruiting top candidates for your open positions.

Engage in brand-appropriate conversations

One ‘must do’ for recruiting through social websites is cutting through the clutter. Getting involved in brand-appropriate LinkedIn groups and Twitter hashtags are excellent techniques for getting your company and any job openings in front of top candidates’ in your industry and community.

Share original content on LinkedIn

Social media recruiting goes beyond posting open roles from company accounts. You should also share content that shows your company is a great place to work, so you can organically attract candidates.

Although not as visually engaging as Instagram or as socially vibrant as Facebook, LinkedIn has more than 500 million users, and that has a lot to do with the platform becoming a place to share original content. With around 100,000 new articles shared each week on LinkedIn, professionals and companies are using content to connect to others and support their own brand.

This offers creative hiring teams the opportunity to craft their LinkedIn identity, and attract top candidates in unique ways. Neglecting to take full advantage of content-related opportunities on LinkedIn will result in losing top talent to more savvy competition.

Start telling Instagram stories

The growth of Instagram over the last few years has been possibly the biggest opportunity for social hiring in a quite a while. Instagram Stories in particular present a massive opportunity for companies to showcase their employer brand, which should be a big part of any talent acquisition strategy.

In a recent study, Instagram Stories were shown to get 35 percent more views for brands than Snapchat Stories. Simply put, businesses using Instagram for hiring purposes have to jump on this rise in popularity, or risk passing up on engagement and possible new hires.

Encourage social media use among employees

You probably have some strong social website users in your workplace. Talk to your staff about sharing major company news and job openings. Encourage them to advocate for your brand. Some businesses have stringent social guidelines, but enabling your staff members to talk about the work they do in a responsible manner can stimulate interest from a prospective applicant.

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