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Hot Job: Inside Sales Manager for LTL Transportation Company in Chicago!

Looking for an exciting supply chain opportunity that is newly created and gives you the chance to make your own mark? The Inside Sales Manager for an LTL Transportation Company in Chicago offers that exact prospect!

Inside Sales Manager Position

A growing Less than Truckload (LTL) division of a large company is seeking a talented individual that will hire, train and manage a team of four inside sales representatives while reporting to the sales director. The opportunity is filled with unlimited potential since the Inside Sales Manager will have the opportunity to develop from scratch a function with the LTL division. Being able to hire and develop your own team for a newly created position is a perfect opportunity for a supply chain professional’s career!

Who Will Be the Perfect Fit?

This company is looking for a supply chain job candidate with at least three years of experience with inside sales management in the LTL industry as well as previous supervisor experience of a team of at least three employees. Strong communication, and Microsoft Word and Excel skills are important as well as strong organizational and planning skills.

Building off those strong communication skills, the organization wants a job candidate with a flexible attitude and ability to interact with a variety of customer and client personalities along with the internal team. Think about examples of previous interactions with customers where you had to talk with the C-Suite and a floor manager on another day. How did you handle leading internal projects with introverted and extroverted personalities? What did you learn that helps get your message across and leads to productive conversations?

As with any supply chain position, a proven ability to work effectively in a busy, time-pressured environment will help your chance at landing a job offer. Are you able to talk about meeting a deadline? What did you do to meet the deadline? What happened when the parameters of the project changed at the last minute?

Work With a Top Supply Chain Recruiter

The Inside Sales Manager position provides a lot of opportunity. We’ve laid out the requirements and skills needed for this position. If it’s a good fit for your career and you can think of numerous past experiences that you can speak about during the interview, now is the team to reach out to ZDA and work with a top supply chain recruiter. We will work to get you this job or any of our other supply chain positions.


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