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How to Improve the Mood in Your Workplace

A happy workplace is a productive and efficient workplace. No one wants to work in a dull, depressing environment, and if that describes the current state of your logistics office, don’t be surprised if staff retention becomes a major problem for your organization. You need to take the necessary steps to improve your corporate culture.

With that it mind, here are a few strategies for improving the mood at your supply chain workplace.

Bring in Lunch on Fridays to Foster Interaction and Teamwork

Providing lunch to your staff each Friday is a good way to engender a sense of camaraderie among your workers. They get to break bread with each other and possibly share some ideas on how to improve operations. When moving away from their desks, employees can take a deep breath and just relax with each other instead of focusing on their day-to-day tasks. Maybe consider having a different food truck set up shop at your location to add some variety to the culinary proceedings?

A Daily Walking Break Improves Your Staff’s Well-being

Encourage your staff to take daily walking breaks. It is good for their health, good for their soul, and it also helps to work off that great lunch the food truck provided them. If your insurance provider offers any wellness programs, take advantage of them, as it could also help lower the cost of premiums. Expect the overall mood in your office to improve, and don’t discount the correlation to employees being more efficient in the workplace. Sitting at your desk and working without breaks won’t lead to a higher quality of work, it actually will lead to just the opposite.

Hold a Weekly Meeting Where Everyone Can Share Their Opinions

Your staff wants to know that their opinions are valued. Consider holding regular weekly or biweekly meetings where everyone gets to share their opinions on the current workload as well as any ideas to improve things in the office. Make sure all your workers get their chance to offer input and also allow some opportunity for friendly disagreement.

While helping to improve overall morale, you may also get some great ideas for improving your organization’s operational efficiency. A different set of eyes can give a different viewpoint on the same areas.

Show That You Care About Your Employees

There are a number of ways for companies to provide material examples of showing appreciation for their employees. While those examples will help, a long-term answer to the solution comes in being more than just a manager to your employees. Granted, you don’t have to become their best friend and socialize outside of the workplace. Wishing someone a “Happy Birthday,” asking about their family or just talking about non-work issues will develop a relationship with your staff and show you don’t just view them as your subordinates.

If your company wants additional insight on building a great team – and keeping them content – talk to the experts at ZDA. As one of the country’s leading supply chain staffing agencies, we offer the vetted top-quality candidates able to help your organization from their first day of employment. Schedule a meeting with us at your earliest convenience.

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