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Lot’s of Resumes ≠ Right Candidate

Many companies face the same typical hiring situation: A requisition is opened for a new position. So you advertise; hundreds of resumes pour in, and by the time you’ve screened them, held interviews and made an offer, you’ve spent countless hours. Often the hours and money you have invested may still not find a candidate who may be the best for the job – but the best you can do. Worse yet, you may discover that none of the candidates who applied were quite right, and you have to start the whole process all over again.

How can your company reduce time-to-hire while containing recruitment costs and minimizing the expense of a critical position going vacant? Try partnering with a recruiter who specializes in your industry.

An experienced recruiter can assist you in creating a strategic staffing plan, which will accomplish three things: help you anticipate your hiring needs based on past history, help you prepare for any unplanned hires, and help reduce your costs and your time-to-hire metrics.

Anticipate Hiring Needs

Often, in the supply chain industry, there’s a certain predictability as to when you’ll need more employees to complete your work on time, and when there’s a lull in the workflow and you’ll have more employees than you really need. An experienced recruiter can help you calculate when those times will occur, and help you create a hiring plan accordingly. Oftentimes they may recommend using temporary employees can reduce the hassle and expense of hiring and laying employees off.

Prepare for Unplanned Hires

Of course, not every job opening can be predicted. But you’ll want to be ready when one comes up. Do you have good, current job descriptions on hand? Often, the ones on file can be outdated. And when you try to update them, it can be difficult to get everyone in your organization to agree on the parameters and requirements of a job. “Few companies have taken the time to write the profile and discriminate between what’s desired and what’s required,” says Lee Salz, president of Sales Architects in Minneapolis.

An experienced recruiter can use industry expertise to tailor the job description to the realities of the position.  They’ll know what’s current and important in the job market. By having them fine-tune your job requisition, you’ll save valuable time and limit the number of resumes you get from unqualified people.

Save Time and Money

Whereas your job involves other duties you can’t put off indefinitely while you plow through piles of resumes, a dedicated recruiter will have the time to review them more effectively. In addition to having more time, they have the industry knowledge an experience that will give them the edge in scanning people’s qualifications.

Working with a recruiting also has a distinct advantage: you may not even have to advertise when you work with a niche recruiter. They will have connections and industry knowledge that can help them source qualified candidates, instead of waiting for candidates to come to you.

Looking for assistance creating a strategic staffing plan in the supply chain industry? Contact the top supply chain recruiters at ZDA today!

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