Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

How to Reschedule a Supply Chain Job Interview You Genuinely Can’t Make

A job interview is something you must make time for, but sometimes life doesn’t cooperate; children can get sick and transportation can fall through.

If you truly want the job but can’t make a scheduled interview, you need to reschedule in a way that doesn’t hurt your chances of landing an offer.

You must let the company know as soon as possible you can’t make the interview. Do not wait until the last minute: Reach out once you know you can’t make it. Your interviewer’s time is valuable, and a different applicant or other duties could be scheduled during the same time period.

Email or call whoever scheduled the interview to inform them. If you send an email and don’t get a response quickly, make a call and cover your bases. It isn’t necessary to get into detail about why you have to reschedule. You can just say you have an unforeseen personal situation. Have an alternative date and time ready so you can lock in a new interview then and there.

As the rescheduled interview approaches, spend time preparing. The last thing you want to do is reschedule an interview and let your preparedness lapse, resulting in a bad performance.

It’s not difficult to prepare for a job interview. It just takes time to research the business, prepare responses to expected interview questions, and ensure you have sharp-looking interview attire.

What if you decide you don’t want the job after all?

If you decide you’re not interested in the position, and you must cancel the interview, inform the interviewer you are withdrawing your application. Before you take this step, think about why you are doing so and be certain it is the right move. Even if you have serious doubts about the position, it’s typically better to go to the interview, if only to consider it a “fact-finding” endeavor.

If you are certain you don’t want the position or if you’ve just taken an offer for a different job, call or email your contact to let them know you are withdrawing your candidacy. Give as much notice as you can, but don’t worry about giving a reason or an explanation. Simply say it isn’t the right opportunity for you at this time.

There are two major reasons why it is a good idea inform your interviewer. First, it’s just good manners. Second, if you just don’t show, you are burning a bridge. Not only won’t you have any chance of working for the company down the road, you’ll also be at risk for damaging your reputation across the industry.

Because interviews are professional transactions, you must handle them professionally. Hiring personnel can and do talk to people at other organizations. Also, hiring personnel may leave one company to work for a different one, taking memories of their candidate interactions with them.

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