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How To Land Your Dream Supply Chain Job: Insight From Our President

Recently, in an article on Supply Chain Opz, our president, Pamela Day, provided insight into this question: “What is the most actionable tip for landing dream supply chain jobs?” Now, there are many different actions one can take to enhance their career, but one of the most important ones is to put together a well-written resume. As Pamela states:

“The most important thing that most supply chain candidates really don’t understand is putting together a well written resume. A resume that shows all the companies, titles, responsibilities and most important quantifiable accomplishments on the resume. Your resume is your marketing tool, and it should not have all the fancy formatting and fonts, but it should clearly in simple fonts and formatting show your career progression by company, by title and your quantifiable accomplishments in each title.

When someone looks at your resume you get a 30 second review. If within 30 seconds a Hiring Manager can not see relevancy, then it is tossed. If with in 30 seconds the Hiring Manager can see what they are looking for, then they will spend more time reading it. Formatting and being clear and concise is critical in a resume. I talked to people every day that tell me they paid a lot of money to have someone write their resume, but it is money wasted. Those $1,000 dollar written resumes don’t work. You need to clearly define in words what your job titles are, what basic things you are responsible for and then bullet list the quantifiable accomplishments succinctly. Your resume should not be wordy and for most people with experience it should be about 2 pages.

In my 10+ years of helping supply chain professional find their dream job, it is very rare to see a well written resume come across my desk. 99.9% of the time, I have to help people get to the point of making their resume really highlight who they are. This is the very first task that must be completed.”

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