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How To Increase Productivity In Your Supply Chain Team

When you’re managing a supply chain, you may start to notice that productivity is decreasing on your team. What can you do to re-motivate your employees so you can meet your goals? Here’s how to identify and prepare for these situations and get your team back on track.


Communication is key.

Most people think of the supply chain in physical terms. It’s about the efficient and timely movement of products, services and processes. But don’t forget information flow—in other words, communication. Communication is the key to improving supply chain productivity. You need to communicate with your employees, clearly and concisely, to define organizational goals and share the methods they should use to achieve those goals. You can schedule weekly or even daily meetings where the team practices collaborative problem-solving or agrees on how to make changes that will improve performance. This will also facilitate open communication between employees and management.

Make sure everyone is on the same page.

Make sure your department has standards of procedure, designed to reduce error and save both time and money. If you don’t have standards developed, creat them. Focus on reducing variability in areas such as receiving, quality control, shipping, shift scheduling, and facilities management.

You should also make sure your team is focusing their time and attention on activities that really matter. Focus your key performance indicators on 5-7 critical areas that drive your business.

Empower your workforce.

Your employees will be more productive if you show confidence in their work. Help them focus on, and use, their core skills. And show them how to align their personal career goals with your chain’s goals. If your team members buy in, it’ll be easier to find or create new ways to engage and align.

Provide training.

Provide ongoing training. Research has shown that employer-sponsored training improves employee loyalty and increases productivity. You can offer on-site custom training for all aspects of the supply chain, including manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing. This should help keep employees engaged, committed, and innovative—all of which will create higher productivity.

Have we missed anything? If you have further tips on how to increase productivity in the supply chain, feel free to share them below!

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