How To Improve Retention By Improving Management

It’s a popular saying, but it’s actually been proven by research: employees leave managers, not companies. When your supply chain employees quit, do you automatically assume they’re making a mistake? Or that they’re only out for more money? It may be time to look at your management. Because if you take the time to find out their real reason for leaving—and you should—it’s rarely the company, the location, the team or the office conditions. It’s the leadership.

Do You Know the Real Reasons?

When your departing employees cite low company morale, poor communication or lack of clear career development, what it all boils down to is that their managers are doing a poor job. Managers are responsible for morale, communication and career path.

“If managers fail to create job satisfaction within their teams, people feel unmotivated and negative,” according to Michael Leimbach, vice-president, research and design, Wilson Learning Worldwide.

“Managers have the power to create a team that is totally engaged or they can stifle work fulfillment and drive people to leave their jobs.”

And because employee retention remains a critical issue for many employers, it makes sense to learn what types of managers will increase the likelihood of your staff staying on.

Are You Promoting the Right People?

Maybe your managers work within accountability frameworks and have participated in several management courses, and leadership development programs. But that doesn’t mean they’ll be good at their jobs. Too often, companies promote people to management because they’re high performers—but the skills that make them high performers aren’t the same ones that make good leaders. What makes a good leader?

Good leaders know how to:

  • select an employee for talent rather than for skills or experience
  • set employee expectations based on outcomes rather than “the right way
  • motivate people by helping them build on their strengths rather than trying to fix weaknesses
  • develop people by finding the right path for each person, which may not necessarily be the next rung on the ladder.

In a competitive market like supply chain, your company will need to know how to compete to find and keep the best employees. And one of the keys to attracting and retaining talented employees is having great managers. If you’re looking for top supply chain management talent, call the team at ZDA Supply Chain Recruiting.

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