Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

The Real Reason You Never Heard Back about that Supply Chain Job

One of the biggest frustrations of being on the job search is applying for jobs but not hearing back from employers—at all. Did they get your application? Did they read your resume? Do you have any chance of being considered for the job? Why haven’t you heard back? It’s difficult not to have the answers to these questions.

To help relieve your mind, you may want to consider the following:

Your Resume. Take a look at your resume and try to see it through a supply chain employer’s eyes. Is it formatted in a way that presents you and your experience well? Is it well organized and easy to read, or would an employer have to search to find the value you would bring to their organization? The average hiring manager spends just 20-30 seconds reviewing a resume, so you have to make sure your most important information stands out. And you need to tailor your resume for the particular job you’re applying for—highlight the supply chain skills and experience that relate most strongly to the position.

Your Online Profile.  Now check on your online profiles. Do they contradict what your resume says? Employers these days will check out a candidate’s online presence, so you’ll want to make sure they also present your supply chain qualifications in the best light—and match the claims you make on your resume.

Your Qualifications. Be honest. Were you truly qualified for the supply chain position you applied for? Or were you hoping that the employer would overlook your lack of experience, or the absence of a key skill they need? When you’re unemployed, it’s tempting to apply for anything that’s even remotely connected to the supply chain industry, but blindly applying for everything will just annoy employers.

Sometimes, It’s Not You.

Unfortunately, you might have the perfect resume and the exact qualifications for the job, but you still might not hear back from a supply chain company. Why?

Sometimes companies get overwhelmed, receiving so many applications that they can’t get in touch with every candidate. Or they stop looking at resumes after the first 50, and yours was number 51. While technology should make it easier for applicants to receive at least a “thank you for applying,” not all employers are that tech-savvy.

And sometimes, the position is no longer available due to changes at the company—a hiring freeze, an internal fill, or a sudden decision to cut the position.

This kind of stress and frustration is never easy. But one way you can alleviate it is by working with a reputable supply chain recruiter like ZDA. We work with you to improve your resume. And we have an inside line in the industry. Contact ZDA today to see how we can help you stand out!

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