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The New Year is Here! How to Effectively Set Goals for 2015

As 2015 begins to get revved up, have you set any goals for your supply chain company for the upcoming year? With oil prices remaining low, and technology innovations allowing logistics firms to achieve more with less, setting achievable goals is a vital part of your organization’s 2015 outlook. They give your company the benchmarks against which you can accurately judge its overall success.

With that in mind, here are a few strategies for setting effective goals for your team for the upcoming year.

Ensure the Goals are Quantifiable

One of the main reasons companies set yearly goals is to test the efficacy of their operations. Without quantifiable goals, it becomes difficult to properly benchmark the success (or lack thereof) of your operational initiatives. Tangible and quantifiable goals are a must.

Create an Actionable Plan for achieving the Company Goals

Once the goals are set early in the year, it is vital to create a plan of action for achieving them. These plans should be clearly laid out with tangible milestones that allow progress to be tracked throughout the year.

Publicize your Goals to your Staff

It is important that everyone in a logistics company shares in the battle. As such, it becomes vital to share your goals with your team. Make it a point to hold regular status updates to report on the progress towards achieving the goals, as it allows your staff to go into crunch mode if it looks like some goals will be missed at year end.

Reward your Staff for Success

If your company’s yearly goals were successfully met at the end of the year, make it a point to reward your workers that played a role in achieving them. This could take the form of an extra bonus check, some comp time, or a company outing. Knowing that a reward potentially exists, should keep everyone inspired and working hard throughout the year.

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