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Hot Job – Supply Chain Director

A Supply Chain Director is responsible for overseeing shipping and logistics functions of a company, as well as handling the purchasing of goods or services and their delivery. This is a high-profile job within an organization that requires someone who is intelligent, well-organized, able to cope well with pressure and exemplifies strong leadership skills as you will be managing a team of three.

Working as a part of the Supply Chain industry can be extremely rewarding and full of opportunities, including those in management and executive positions. This industry is ideal for someone passionate, with exceptional drive and enthusiasm. It is also ideal for people who enjoy a challenge.

Although this may sound like a ‘desk job’, it is a hands-on role that involves maintaining accurate inventory; making sure raw materials and finished goods are available; developing relationships with suppliers and fulfilling orders to ensure they are on time. This role is also responsible for sales and operations planning (S&OP), inventory management, accounting, pricing analysis and managing of supply chain employees.

A Supply Chain Director develops relationships with suppliers and negotiates for the best possible rates. This person must also manage all incoming and outgoing shipments, optimizing cost-effectiveness and monitoring all consignments.

The job involves leading the supply chain operations staff by using best practices, data and analytical insight. The Supply Chain Director generally works closely with the sales and other departments. This position is also client-facing, which requires the development and maintenance of strong client relationships.

It is essential that the Supply Chain Director adheres to and follows both quality and safety standards, as well as regulations about the supervision of staff members.

Job Requirements

The role of a Supply Chain Director generally calls for a bachelor’s degree, with a master’s degree normally preferred. The position calls for a strong working knowledge in enterprise resource planning (ERP), demand forecasting and conventional office software. Some organizations may also mandate industry-standard certifications.

The person in this role ought to have high moral standards, be highly motivated, have strong organizational abilities, have strong analytical abilities, give attention to detail and be capable of staying calm under pressure. A positive outlook is crucial to this role as the Supply Chain industry can frequently be very demanding. The person must also be able to develop people and coach employees.

A Supply Chain Director must be adept at solving and analytical thinking, but he or she should also be to be able to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing with a wide range of people and professions.

This is a senior-level role with a base salary of $80,000 to $140,000 with bonus.

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