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Hot Job – Senior Operations Project Manager

Senior Operations Project Managers support projects focused on the development of new products, logistics, greater efficiency and many other business objectives.

In performing their duties, a senior operations project manager acts as a facilitator among various departments and teams working projects within a company; sharing feedback and performing assessments in the process. These professionals are responsible for projects maintaining the proper scope and staying on course.

In keeping with their job duties, Senior Operations Project Managers oversee the various goals and objectives for projects. Their job involves performing assessments to determine potential constraints a department or team may face over the course of a project. They also assess the efficiency of various operations to find the need for any change in procedures, while making certain that teams adhere to project requirements and guidelines.

Senior Operations Project Managers are ultimately accountable for the relationship between project stakeholders and clients, in addition to relationships with third-party vendors or contractors. These professionals often confer with others in upper management to gain insight on the resources and functional capability of various departments to determine project demands and potential return on investments. They also have a hand in the hiring and training of employees or contractors to make certain projects have an adequate workforce. A Senior Operations Project Manager may assign duties to teams based on their abilities and areas of expertise.

These senior managers are accountable for the financial and overall strategy of a project. They help various departments of a company in draw up plans for how a project will be handled. They also put together a budget, establish deadlines and create documentation that lays out the important aspects of a project, from creation to completion.

These senior managers will track the advancement of a project by using software systems capable of monitoring performance statistics. They also use these systems to generate reports for senior leadership on various projects.

The job of a Senior Operations Project Manager typically requires a significant amount of travel.


Employers typically require a bachelor’s degree in mechanical, manufacturing or industrial engineering for this position. Since it is a senior position, this job usually requires at least 10 years of experience with operations in a manufacturing, engineering and project management.

This job does require significant technical know-how and ability. A Senior Operations Project Manager should be able to define project risk and manage various risks. They should also have a working knowledge of compliance with various regulations, such as the FDA regulations covering medical devices.

Engineering-specific office skills are also necessary. In addition to having experience with computer-aided design, a Senior Operations Project Manager should have strong skills in Microsoft Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Project.

The ideal candidate for this position should also have solid communication, leadership, planning and organizational skills. They should also be open to new ideas, have a track record of successfully implementing new ideas and have an eye for detail.

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