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Hot Job – Senior Operations Project Manager

A Senior Operations Project Manager is an individual who oversees the delivery projects within an organization, which involves overseeing multiple business units.

The person in this role supports project management operations for new products, product/sub-assembly transfers to other sites or suppliers, newly acquired site integrations and contract manufacturers. They are also accountable for managing assets, schedules and finances of various projects, along with the handling of personnel issues, risks and change requests to support the successful and on-time delivery of projects.

The Senior Operations Project Manager typically oversees project operations a daily basis to confirm the project is on track to provide the necessary deliverables that meet quality standards, within the specified time and cost constraints. This position also has a hand in business development and expansion initiatives.

As part of their job duties, Senior Operations Project Managers follow the progress of a project; communicate any changes to project managers and team members; identify problems and apply solutions. The person in this position is also responsible for creating a reporting and monitoring system.

The job of a Senior Operations Project Manager usually involves the hiring and selection of project personnel. They may also oversee the contracting of third-party service providers.

Senior Operations Project Managers often coach those working on a project, inspiring and mentoring team members with the of achieving project objectives. As part of their responsibilities, these company leaders track the performance of team members and may conduct performance reviews. They also will perform internal quality assessments to maintain quality for project deliverables.

A Senior Operations Project Manager may be involved in resolving disagreements, which may negotiation or involvement in litigation processes. They are required to maintain strong knowledge of project management concepts, techniques and solutions. They should also be able to develop systems that minimize risks.

The typical annual salary for this position is around $150,000 and bonus pay is usually available. A person in this role could advance to Director of Manufacturing Engineering.


To work as a Senior Operations Project Manager, you should have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical, manufacturing or industrial engineering. You should also have at least 10 years of experience in operations for manufacturing, manufacturing engineering and project management. You also should have experience in electronics/electrical capital device equipment assembly.

The ideal applicant for this position should also have strong soft skills including strong leadership, planning, organizational, communication and problem-solving abilities. A Senior Operations Project Manager should be able to both calculate project risks and manage those risks.

Ideally, an applicant for this position should have a deep knowledge of FDA regulations, particularly with respect to disposable and capital medical devices.

Senior Operations Project Managers must have strong computer skills and a working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs. They should also have experience with computer-aided design software, with Solidworks experience being preferred.

A person working in this position should also be detail-oriented, strong personnel management abilities and willing to travel for up to 30 percent of their job.

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