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Hot Job – Director of Sales & Marketing for LTL (less that truckload) Transportation Division

A Director of Sales & Marketing for an LTL Transportation Company is responsible for managing and growing the sales of the division by planning, implementing sales, marketing and product development programs.

This position typically involves managing regional managers and sales employees. Someone hired for this position would be expected to bring in new ideas and programs to reenergize a sales teams toward growth targets.

To be considered for this job, a candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in sales, marketing or related subjects. A candidate should also have more than 5 years of experience in sales and marketing management within the LTL transportation industry, including experience supervising a team of employees.

In addition to having the know-how and experience necessary to excel as a sales and marketing director, a candidate should also have a strong understanding of the typical business environment, good communication skills, be customer focused, able to give compelling presentations and have sharp analytical abilities.

An ideal candidate has the ability to energize sales employees toward their sales targets. They also have a deep understanding of the transportation industry and challenges currently facing the LTL industry in particular. This requires a mastery of both sales techniques and the services being sold.

The drive and know-how to succeed

A savvy director of sales and marketing understands the specifics of the LTL marketplace and how the services of various companies within that market compare to each other. They should be able to understand the needs of prospects in order to turn them into customers.

Once a prospect has become a customer, the job of a sales director isn’t done. He or she must be able to learn from customers, continue to meet their needs and leverage any knowledge gained to grow sales. All of this requires a significant amount of passion and dedication, as well as a deep understanding of CRM tools.

A director of sales and marketing needs to know the services they are selling inside and out. They should see these services as solutions and have an understanding of their company’s unique value proposition. The result of this understanding is selling services based on their value as solutions to customer problems.

A person in this position must see themselves as a profit center. They should extract value through effective time management and the investment of energy and resources on the most promising areas of the sales pipeline.

Successful sales and marketing directors are also constantly looking for ways to do their job better, keeping up to date on the latest advancements and regularly investing in their own professional development. They also know that effective sales are a team effort and are constantly investing in their team and those around them.

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