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Are You Having Trouble Hiring Supply Chain Talent? Could The Reason Be Your Interview Process?

You may be great at identifying and finding supply chain talent, but if you can’t bring them onboard at your company, what good does it do you? It may be time to change your hiring process to change your hiring luck. Take a look at how your company hires to see if you’re making any of these mistakes:

  • Posting vague or boring job ads. When you’re advertising for supply chain employees, do you merely list the job duties and its requirements? That’s a mistake. You need to tell job-seekers what the job is about, what business your company is in (don’t hide your identity!) and what you’re trying to accomplish. And most of all, why they should considering applying for it— what’s so great about working for your company? Don’t spend your entire posting telling applicants what you need from them without telling them what you can do for them.
  • Losing applicants through a black hole in your recruiting portal. Does your company use an automated tracking system (ATS)? Have you ever tested it yourself? Go use your portal to apply for a job at your company. How long did it take you? Did you get close to finishing, then have it crash? Did it offer any flexibility? Did it ask you to repeat almost every bit of information on your uploaded resume just to get through the system? One more question: At which point do you think people who aren’t desperate got fed up and quit your site? Not many great candidates are going to go through the process if it’s too complicated or annoying.
  • Taking too long to make decisions. You’ll lose candidates during the interview process if you drag things on for too long. Does your interview process take weeks? Do you force candidates to go through several levels of telephone interviews, testing and in-person interviews? Make it a priority to keep your hiring process down to three weeks or fewer. There’s no time to waste in a competitive hiring market. And be flexible in scheduling, to accommodate those who are already working.

If you’re not sure how to improve or streamline your hiring process, consider partnering with a staffing firm. At ZDA Supply Chain Recruiting in Denver, for example, we’ve got it down to a science. When you work with us, we’ll source, screen and interview candidates; promote your company; facilitate the offer process; and even help with onboarding if you wish. We can help you remain competitive in the supply chain hiring landscape. Want to know more? Call us anytime.

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