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Hiring Beyond the Job Board: How to Find the Best Supply Chain Talent

While job boards to generate a lot of applications for an open position, this is probably one of the least effective ways to hire employees.

One of the biggest problems with posting positions to a job board is that it’s a passive strategy: You’re counting on applicants to self-qualify based on limited data. It’s an inefficient form of communication that usually means having to continuously re-assess postings based on the quality of applicants. This is in stark contrast to a proactive strategy of targeting top talent for your open positions.

In today’s labor market, top talent is extremely valuable and completion for it is intense. If your competition in the job market is actively engaging and hiring top talent, it doesn’t sense for your company to patiently wait for high-quality candidates to comes across your job postings.

Posting to job boards is also a poor strategy when it comes to candidate quality. Even though you might lay out demanding qualifications in your posting, anyone can apply. It is true that modern applicant tracking software can screen out under- or un-qualified applicants, but even the best automated software can’t boost the level of application quality coming from your job postings.

Clearly, just using internet job boards to hire new employees isn’t the best strategy out there. Consider the following ways to find and hire top talent for your supply chain operation.

Maintain a Pipeline of Talent

One of the best approaches to hiring top talent is to proactively attract and engage prospective applicants, creating a robust pipeline of prospects for when open positions become available. Building a talent pipeline is also a good way to entice passive applicants, those who are not actively trying to find a new job, but who are open to new opportunities.

A big part of building a talent pipeline is engaging with individuals in your industry on social media. A more immediate approach involves maintaining a relationship with applicants who were eliminated from previous hiring processes. Simply because they were not a fit for the job they applied to, doesn’t mean they won’t fit a different role that opens up down the road. When connecting to these individuals, offer to share updates about your business in an effort to engage them and maintain their interest in your company.

Leverage Employee Referrals

Studies regularly show that employee referrals produce some of the highest quality candidates. Furthermore, referred candidates tend to be hired much faster than candidates who come from other recruitment channels. For employers, this not only means better applicants it also means lower hiring costs.

An employee referral program isn’t an automatic, magic bullet solution. It must be promoted, supported and speak to current employees in a way that engages them. When putting together an employee referral program, consult with your staff members. This gives them a sense of ownership over the program, increasing employee buy-in. It also increases the odds of your employees using the program.

We Can Be a Part of Your Proactive Recruitment Strategy

At ZDA, we can provide your company with a competitive advantage in this difficult labor market. Please contact us today to find out how we can enhance your company’s recruitment efforts.


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