Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

Do You Know the Hiring Manager?

Today’s supply chain job market is very competitive. Whether you’re looking for a new job or trying to launch yourself in supply chain management, you’ll need to do everything possible to make yourself stand out from other applicants. The first step is to make sure your resume will get noticed.

  • Make sure it’s up to date. Include any recent continuing education or volunteer work, and ensure your latest job information contains your latest and greatest accomplishments.
  • Update your resume style so it reflects what companies want to see. A traditional resume may not be what a supply chain company is looking for. You may want to consider using a functional resume where you highlight experiences and skills.
  • Use a career summary at the top of your resume to make sure the most important information will be read. When a hiring manager is narrowing down the pile of resumes for a supply chain management job opening, he probably won’t have time to read the details, so your most important skills, education, and experience should be highlighted.
  • Most importantly, tailor your resume (and cover letter) for each job that you apply for. Show exactly how your skills and experience will meet that company’s needs. This is easy to do if you have a clear understanding of the position, as well as the needs of the hiring manager/company.

What’s the easiest and best way to get all of the details on a job before you apply? Work with an experienced supply chain recruiter. They can help you find the best supply chain opportunities and work with you to tailor your resume, practice your interviewing skills and educate you on the hiring company.

It’s important to find a recruiter that you are comfortable with. You want to be able to develop a working relationship with him or her and be honest about what you are looking for, what you are interested in, and your supply chain management experience and education.

At ZDA Supply Chain Recruiting, we think we have everything you could ask for in an experienced supply chain recruiter: knowledge and connections. If you’re interested in learning more about great supply chain employment opportunities, or in what we can do for you, contact us today!

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