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Hot Job: Global Demand Planner in Philadelphia

At ZDA, we have a great opportunity for supply chain professionals looking for a global demand planner position in the Philadelphia area.

A global demand planner’s primary responsibilities are facilitating the monthly sales and operations planning (S&OP) process.  This includes working with different departments to gather information and develop it into a robust process or plan.

The job of a demand planner requires strong mathematics and statistical skills, as well as the ability to communicate well across an organization. The ideal candidate will have a deep knowledge of the needs of production, logistics, promotion, and finance. A global demand planner must also be able to reach outside the company to suppliers and customers, to make sure that everyone is in agreement around what the demand forecast ought to be.

Job Duties

The specific job of a global demand planner can differ from business to business. Often, it takes the skills and experience needed to balance out the demand and supply needs. Some planners take part in new-product development meetings.

The daily duties of a global demand planner include the statistical investigation of product demand movements and drivers. A typical day also includes the design, creation, and maintenance proprietary prediction tools. These analyses and tools are used in the developing of annual purchasing plans and performing operational corrections throughout the year based on actual demand. A global demand planner must also place product orders, handle receiving paperwork and send in invoices for payment.

Job Requirements

The ideal demand planner should have some kind of education in applied mathematics or economics. A good candidate will also have strong leadership abilities and be capable of persuading people to agree with their vision. The ability lead in a team setting is another crucial skill demand planners must have.

Demand planners need to be able to analyze many different factors, with ideal candidates able to provide a list of accomplishments that called for complex thinking and long-term evaluation.

However, analytical expertise doesn’t necessarily mean the capacity to work well with others. With all of the contending pressures and various interests among different parts of a business, the greatest “soft skill” necessary of a demand planner may well be a thick skin.

Moreover, a global demand planner must be capable of making complex numbers tangible throughout the organization, particularly for those not familiar with technical jargon.

For true demand planning, the company needs a person who could work well with marketing and sales departments in the course of the S&OP effort. Preferably, that’s an individual with excellent facilitation skills, someone who understands how to communicate and has a backbone.

Compensation for this position is between $80,000 and $100,000.

Demand planning can often be a thankless job. The person in this job must be able to stand up for the plans and strategies they develop in the face of competing interests.

At ZDA, we have many job opportunities available, often including positions for Global Demand Planners. If you’re currently looking to take the next step in your career, please contact us today!


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