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Glassdoor’s Top Jobs in 2018 Feature Numerous Supply Chain Opportunities

The number of supply chain job opportunities has exploded in recent years, and that fact was recently reflected in Glassdoor’s 50 Best Jobs in America list.

The list included many jobs found directly in the supply chain and a few that are supply chain-adjacent. Check out a few highlights from the list below.

Product Manager

Product managers have the responsibility of guiding a product from conception to distribution and beyond. They lead a cross-functional team, setting strategy and a roadmap for a product or product line.

With respect to the supply chain, a product manager is accountable for the release process and managing all of the actions necessary to take the product to market. This calls for bridging gaps between various functions in the business such as marketing, sales and customer support. Job duties can also include taking care of dependencies in and across releases to accomplish release stages and objectives.

Analytics Manager

An analytics manager uses company data and statistical techniques to gain insight into various areas of the business, as well as suggest ways of improving operations. This person drives strategic initiatives in the supply chain and works closely with supply chain personnel to help a company realize opportunities found within the supply chain.

Operations Manager

An operations manager wears many hats inside an organization. In the supply chain, an operations manager will coordinate the delivery of goods to a client as well as the sourcing of raw materials for company operations.

An operations manager must make sure the delivery is on time and satisfies the time commitment. They must make certain products or services meet the quality standards that were agreed to with the client. An operations manager also must obtain feedback from the client and relay that feedback to the concerned stakeholders.

On the sourcing end, an operations manager must identify suppliers and come up with suitable conditions to obtain the necessary goods or services on time. The operations manager also must keep close track of the influx of raw materials and get feedback on the quality of obtained raw materials or services.

Data Analyst

A data analyst helps supply chain personnel boost the efficiency of their processes and decisions. Some analysts are mainly consultants who track and assess operations so they can give insight on how to enhance shipping strategies. Others have more of a hands-on role, with job duties like checking inventories and directing logistics.

Project Manager

A project manager takes the lead on specific supply chain projects. They determine what a project requires, set a budget and work within that budget. A supply chain project manager regularly interacts with upper management to both report on the progress of a project and facilitate the project’s success. This job requires the ability to analyze supply chain data and make decisions based on that data.

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