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Forget About Job Security – Focus on Becoming Indispensable

Feeling indispensable in your job is a nice blend of excitement and security. But in today’s workplace, where many people feel disposable, how do you reach that indispensable status?

It all begins with building a great reputation, showing those around you that you have the qualities of a successful person. However, you should be doing more than just trying to impress others. You ought to  dedicate yourself to making a positive impact on your company, your team and your closest co-workers. Being indispensible means focusing on more than just you, while it also ironically begins with you.

Below are a few approaches to making yourself an indispensable member on any team.

Figure out what you are good at

To start with, you must have the self-awareness to know your strong points and leverage them appropriately.

Too often, people drive themselves to do things that are not right for their particular set of abilities or interests. By playing to your strengths, as opposed to trying to pressure yourself into a role that isn’t right for you, you are taking the first step towards becoming an indispensable part of an organization.

Expand on your core competencies

As soon as you recognize your strong points, the next step is to convert them into abilities that others find valuable. Then, you need to expand on that set of core competencies.

Many times, professionals focus far too much on the abilities they know cold. For instance, software developers might spend too much time focused on their programming skills, as opposed to building the essential team-working abilities that help them develop software as a team and manage various competing interests.

Do anything you can to make yourself more valuable. Volunteer for responsibilities outside your given role; be willing to step up and take on more than what is expected of you. Do it honestly and effectively, and it will make you that much more invaluable.

Think about others

Being indispensable means putting your own self-interests aside.

Help other people without anticipating anything in return. Figure out how to enjoy watching others be successful. Try to include as many people as possible in the things you do. Acknowledge others when they succeed or even surpass you. Reach out to help others before they ask you for help.

Work hard

Possibly the biggest step a professional can take toward becoming indispensable is to work harder than those around them. It sounds self-evident, but when staff members take control of tasks and put forward their complete effort, leadership can’t help but take notice. Indispensable staff members don’t have to be instructed to work late, or come in on time every day. They just do what must be done to push their projects in the direction of success.

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