Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

How to Explain That You Got Fired from Your Last Job

Well, it’s time to embark on a job search. You’ve updated your resume – detailing a full range of abilities and professional experiences suitable for the logistics industry – and prepared a cover letter template. The main issue worrying you is that you were fired from your last job, and don’t really know the best way to explain this fact during an interview.

Don’t fret. What follows are a few strategies to help you explain why you were fired, and hopefully assist you in getting a great new position.

Being Upfront and Honest is Key

When faced with this question, be upfront and honest, but try to frame your answer for a positive impact. If there was a personality conflict or if your ideas were too “out of the box,” then emphasize those aspects of your firing. Be sure to describe the situation realistically while ensuring your potential new employer that you’ll make a productive fit for their team and culture.

Present an Objective View of What Happened

It is important to keep an objective perspective on the issues that led to your firing. This is another chance to leverage honesty in your answer. The worst thing you can do is assign any blame to your former bosses and co-workers. If anything, blame yourself while describing how you’ve learned valuable lessons and are prepared to hit the ground running with a new opportunity.

Make the effort to explain how would have changed the situation given the new perspectives you garnered from being fired. This shows any new employer that you’ve learned from the incident and could very well be a positive contributor to their supply chain company. In short, be upfront and honest, don’t blame others, and detail how you’ve grown from the incident.

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