Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

Ever Wondered What’s Appropriate Behavior, What’s Not for an Interview?

Ever Wondered What’s Appropriate Behavior, What’s Not for an Interview?

If handled properly, being different can set you apart from your competition. It will become the reason you are chosen for a job over your competition.

If handled incorrectly, being too different can be the very reason you do not get a job or advance your Career!

There’s a fine line when discussing what is appropriate when trying to set yourself apart from your competition. Hopefully, the following examples will give you some valuable tips that you can use to ensure you stand out in a positive way.

APPROPRIATE: Put your resume on a good stock or linen paper (light beige, grey or off-white)

INAPPROPRIATE: Put your resume on bright colored paper

APPROPRIATE: During an interview compliment a picture of the interviewer’s


INAPPROPRIATE: Mention your children (unless they ask)

APPROPRIATE: Wear something “in style” as long as it is conservative

INAPPROPRIATE: Wear something “trendy” or provocative

APPROPRIATE: Research the Corporation/Firm you are interviewing with and mention what you learned (make sure the information is positive)

INAPPROPRIATE: Go in unprepared and try to “wing-it” (ignorance won’t “fly”)

APPROPRIATE: Bring to your interview a recent article that relates to the Company and /or this field

INAPPROPRIATE: Bring nothing! (You won’t make much of an impression)

APPROPRIATE: Bring in a list of well thought out questions to your interview. Make the questions intelligent and use them as an additional way to “sell yourself”

INAPPROPRIATE: Ask questions about YOU (vacation requests, holidays off, when is your first raise, etc.)

APPROPRIATE: Bring in a “Brag Book” of your RELATED accomplishments

INAPPROPRIATE: Bring in nothing or accomplishments that are too old

APPROPRIATE: Send your interviewer a handwritten thank you note highlighting some of the reasons why you would be a great fit for their opening (give examples)

INAPPROPRIATE: Send nothing or send an email everyday for 1 week, send a thank you note and then leave 3 thank you voicemail messages (DO NOT BE A STALKER!)

You may laugh at some of these examples but I have actually seen ALL OF THEM ruin Job Offers and Careers!

Making a good impression is everything in a job search!

The first impression is a lasting one! Make yourself “STAND OUT IN THE CROWD” BUT… PLEASE do it APPROPRIATELY and watch your career continually advance.

If you would like more information or coaching on how to truly stand out from your competition please visit or contact us at: (770) 800-9824.

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