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Employees Who Cause the Most Trouble and Coaching Advice To Help

Employees Who Cause the Most Trouble and Coaching Advice To Help

The employees who cause the most trouble and are most in need of coaching fall into seven categories, coaching guru Marie McIntyre says. Here’s her list and how to coach them!

A. Confrontational types

Drama queens and kings feel the urge to be center stage. They put on shows of scenery-chewing intensity. Their coach should seek not to put in a complete emotional cork, but rather to prevent the most disruptive displays.Challengers feed off a need to rebel. They argue at the drop of a hat. Their coach should guide their penchant for debate toward productive, cooperative discussion.Power grabbers are motivated by a desire for control. They will struggle to gain authority at every opportunity. Their coach will want to focus on getting them to accept direction.

B. Passive types

Slackers are driven by resentment. They display a consistent lack of effort. Their coach needs to try to get them re-engaged.Clingers feel anxiety and act it out. They fear making decisions unless they get a lot of stroking first. Coaching goal for them: increasing their independence.Space cadets are driven by a desire to stand out as an individual. While they may show creativity, they also tend to stray off course. Their coach should emphasize focusing their talents.

C. A category all their own

Childish adults covers whiners, pouters, tattletales, gossips and inveterate jokers. In each case, the person is seeking attention. They often disrupt group harmony, and coaching should focus on eliminating the behavior.

by Stephen Meyer on May 13, 2011


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