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Your Employees Are Your Best Brand Ambassadors

One advantage for businesses in this age of social media involves your employees essentially becoming ambassadors for your company. Sharing your business’s posts on Facebook or “retweeting” them on Twitter offers your organization the chance for its brand to be seen by potential logistics industry customers like never before. LinkedIn, the preeminent social network, also offers a significant marketing opportunity for firms in the supply chain industry.

In short, the advent of social media networking gives any company a new marketing force – their own employees. Let’s take a closer look at how to get your workers involved in this new kind of promotion.

LinkedIn Gives Your Supply Chain Organization a Chance to Be Noticed

Since LinkedIn is a social media network used by professionals, it provides your company the biggest bang for the buck when it comes to social media efforts. While most users leverage the social network in an individual fashion, focusing on connecting with current former workers and recommending and endorsing their abilities, the network also offers a chance for your best workers to position themselves as thought leaders in the supply chain industry.

Work with your top employees to have them author a variety of articles about issues related to the world of logistics. They don’t necessarily need to about your company in particular. General articles about the use of technology in the industry or other relevant subjects of interest to others in the field get noticed on the site, all while raising the profile of your company’s brand.

As other logistics professionals connect with or follow these top employees on LinkedIn, mixing in a more promotional article or two on an occasional basis also provides a measure of marketing muscle to benefit your company’s overall advertising efforts. A ratio of one promotional post for every four to five general posts should work well.

Facebook Provides the Opportunity to Raise your Company’s Brand Awareness

One feature of Facebook’s advertising platform allows your company to target ads to those who have “liked” your page as well as their friends on the network. Therefore, simply encouraging your employees to like your organization’s Facebook page is a great way to grow your brand awareness without requiring your employees to perform too much heavy lifting. Facebook ads should be focused on growing your brand awareness as opposed to the industry-specific professional emphasis of your activities on LinkedIn.

Also encourage your employees to share any of your company’s Facebook posts they feel would be of interest to their friends. Remind them to not over do it, as once again, Facebook is a site more focused on personal activities than business. Making more people aware of your company is usually a good thing.

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