Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

Here Are the Effective Tactics to Find Jobs That Aren’t Advertised

Not every job opening is posted to the internet or printed in the local newspaper. Many good job openings aren’t ever revealed to the general public, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into this hidden market. Accessing unlisted jobs simply requires creativity, determination and a healthy dose of networking.

There are a handful of reasons businesses won’t make jobs open to the public. Perhaps the hiring manager doesn’t want to get inundated with dozens of resumes; or they know they have to hire somebody, but aren’t sure what the position will entail; or they want to ensure the opening stays quiet for competitive reasons.

In any event, the company wants to hire and you need to be in the mix to have a chance of getting the job. Here are a few ways you can do just that.

Chart your network

Everyone has a professional network: Yours includes anyone who you’ve interacted with on a first-name basis. This includes family, friends, friends of friends, co-workers, ex-co-workers, clients, professional contacts, members of any organizations you’ve joined and people in your social media networks.

First, you need to determine who is in your network. Compile a list to visualize your network, see how extensive it is and figure out where it needs to grow. Then, connect as many names as you can on your list to an email address.

Finally, you should classify each member of your network based on your comfort level in approaching them about career opportunities. Ideally, your network should have four or five different categories of individuals.

Craft a pitch and send it out

Once you have visually laid out your network, the next step is to develop a strong and succinct message to send to members of your network. Start by figuring out exactly what you are looking for so you can describe it to others.

Write out two or three paragraphs that lay out the kind of work you are looking for, the industry you’d like to work in and a few sample job positions. Once you have a sense of the information you are trying to convey, refine the language of your pitch so it “pops” but is still professional.

Once you have your pitch, share it with a handful of your closest companions and ask if it is clear, your message is on point and has a distinct “call to action” – a reasonable request for assistance. Consider and possibly incorporate any feedback you get.

Using your network chart, send your pitch to people who are most likely going to connect you to an employer you’d like to hire you.

Stick with it

Despite all that work, you’re probably not going to get an interview with your dream employer right off the bat. Therefore, seeking out unadvertised jobs is an ongoing process you need to constantly evaluate and refine. You should also be continuously expanding your network and looking into any leads that crop up.

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