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Don’t Like Your Job? Why Keeping That Job Is the Best Move for Your Career

There are numerous legitimate reasons to quit your job. There are also occasions when it makes sense to keep it, even when it’s not long term.

When you can leave a job in the right conditions, the transition to new employment will be much smoother. Waiting also gives you the chance to think it through, to make certain the decision you’re making is the right one.

Sometimes, quitting isn’t a smart thing to do. It can cause financial hardship, and even make it more difficult to get hired if you don’t have a different job set up. Or, the moment may not be right for complicated reasons.

If you’re frustrated in your current job, check out the following reasons why it might be a good idea to keep it before storming into your boss’s office and going out in a blaze of glory.

It’ll crush you financially

If you live paycheck to paycheck and don’t have another source of income, you need to keep your job until you can afford to quit.

Most job searches can take months. Even finding a part-time source of income to pay the bills can take a few weeks. Also, there’s no guarantee you can receive unemployment benefits. If you stop paying bills while you look for work, it’ll put you in a financial hole that could take a year or more to dig out of, and being in a bad financial state means you can’t take advantage of career advancement opportunities like taking classes or attending industry conferences.

You’ll be seen as a ‘job hopper’

People who quit after just a few months on the job are commonly known as job hoppers. Hiring managers look down on these applicants because they seem risky; no one wants to hire someone that needs to be replaced in a few months.

While being seen as someone who quits easily may not penalize you in this job market, it’s a stigma that can last and its one you don’t want if the unemployment rate starts ticking up.

The grass isn’t always greener

When a company has a toxic work environment or falls on hard times, it’s a good idea to jump ship. However, there are pain points associated with every job, and if you’re quitting because of normal stresses, you’re probably going to find the same problems at another company.

If you’re going to quit for something that looks better, you need to be sure it will be, possibly by getting a pay increase or more flexible work schedule.

You’d be giving up on opportunities at your current job

It can take years to build up a good reputation at a company. When you quit and start working somewhere else, you have to start from scratch. Any promotions or raises you had been working toward will go out the window, and a promotion you give up on might just be exactly what you need.

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