Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

Do You Believe Enough in Yourself to Overcome Rejection and Objections?

No matter what Job Title you are pursuing, when you’re in a Job Search or attempting to Advance your Career, you’re now in Sales.

Rejection and Objections are a daily occurrence in the Sales Profession. It’s important that you realize Rejection should not be taken personal. In a Job Search, your resume could be screened out by a computer because you did not load your resume with Key Words. You can be rejected because you didn’t Stand Out from the hundreds of resumes received by hiring authorities, or you just could have been lost in the shuffle of paperwork.

If you want to drastically reduce rejection, get your resume in the hands of individuals who would be your prospective boss. Apply to companies who are NOT advertising and make sure your resume is sent to a specific person vs. HR.

An Objection is Simply a Buying Sign, or a Request for More Information!

When someone gives you an objection, it is a buying sign or a request for information. Most job seekers are NOT experienced in sales. Finding a new opportunity is a sales process. You are selling yourself and you will receive objections.

You have two choices, hang up and call someone else or overcome the objections and stand a chance of booking an interview for yourself.

It’s important to know there are four categories of objections. Study these categories which will enable you to overcome objections in the future.


Example: Your Salary is too high


Example: Send me your Resume


Example: You’re just not a match (personality is not a match)


Example: You don’t come out of our industry; don’t have the experience and skills

Write down the objections you receive with possible responses to overcome them. The better you get at overcoming objections, the more job interviews and job offers you will receive!

Overcoming Objections also helps you deal with Corporate Politics and other Issues as you work to Advance Your Career.

If you’d like to receive mentoring and/or additional information on overcoming objections please visit or contact us directly at (770) 800-9824.

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