Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

Contemplating A Total Career Change?

Contemplating A Total Career Change?

If you are contemplating a total career change (which is common in this job market), there are eight steps you need to take prior to identifying your targets.

1. Write five stories about accomplishments you’ve achieved – when you were the happiest

2. Research the possibility of turning your hobby into a job

3. Educate yourself on the skills needed (i.e., computer, writing, etc.) to do this

4. Interview ten people who are now doing this job

5. Be realistic – you may have to take a cut in wages

6. Watch trends, read newspapers, apply for positions within a growing industry

7. Fine-tune your interviewing techniques

8. Join job search groups/support group/find a mentor

Initially, interview anywhere and everywhere to fine-tune your interviewing skills and learn what companies are offering to new hires. Informational interviews will help tremendously when you are attempting to achieve a career change.

You want your search process to be organized and methodical. At the beginning of your search, you want to investigate as many job targets as possible. You will not necessarily conduct a thorough campaign for all of them, but these will serve as backup targets for you in case your more preferred top target does not work out.

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