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Company Culture Matters to Top Talent. Here’s Why.

Known to support a corporate brand, employee engagement and productivity, company culture is extremely important and should be a major priority for any business.

Top talent in any industry understands the importance of company culture, and that’s why they seek it out in an employer when job hunting.

Culture can be found in any collective, including sports teams and social organizations. Just as we engage with culture to have a more fulfilling personal life, we also seek similar harmony in the workplace. Without a strong, rewarding culture, your company will drive people away, including top talent.

Consider the following qualities of a desirable company culture, one that top talent tends to seek out.


Because top employees have a strong sense of self-motivation, they don’t need to be told what to do constantly, and they like an independent work culture where they have the liberty and versatility to take care of their duties in ways they prefer. While average employees may misuse autonomy, top talent uses it to be more productive and innovative. When employers allow top performers to have significant control and ownership over the work they do, they help them prosper and add considerable value.

Room for Growth

Top employees have a natural preference to learn and improve, which leads them to want career advancement opportunities. Simply put, they want to feel like they are succeeding and getting better, not just treading water.

With their ambitious thinking and continuous drive, top talent can’t stay still for too long. Consequently, they have a tendency to pick employers that provide robust training and career advancement possibilities.


Top employees are extremely goal-oriented. They pursue the future they want without needing outside motivation. So they can make smart choices about their careers, top performers want an employer that is transparent. They want an employer that tells them how the company is doing and where the business is going. They also want their employer to give them details on advancement possibilities and pay increases.

As a result, they hunt for companies that prioritize openness.

Constructive Criticism

Since they’re always trying to find ways to get better at their jobs, top performers desire critiques from their managers. When top employees don’t get feedback, they become less focused, inspired and dedicated to the company.

Providing feedback can keep top employees challenged and developing, as well as engaged in their jobs.


Top performers constantly look for ways to push the limits of their experience and skills, especially at work. They enjoy taking on projects at work that require them to think critically and creatively.

Consequently, top talent prefers company cultures where employees are expected to work hard and push themselves every day. They want to be on a winning team where their co-workers challenge them and teach them new things.

When top performers are in an intellectually stimulating work environment, they perform to the best of their abilities and feel more fulfilled in their work.

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