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Hot Job: Commodity Manager (Wisconsin)

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job prospects for commodity managers are expected to be strong through 2018. At ZDA, we’re seeing that projection bear out as this commodity manager position in Wisconsin is our hot job for January.

In a nutshell, commodity managers are charged with the task of procuring finished goods, raw material, assets and supplies for a business.

Like most other jobs, the job of a commodity manager has changed significantly in the past few years thanks to technology. Internet devices have made it easier for purchasing departments to streamline the purchasing sequence, resulting in much easier access to suppliers and manufacturers around the world. The Internet is also responsible for purchasing departments to need to accept even more responsibilities, like the smart-tracking of orders.

What are the day-to-day duties of a Commodity Manager?

Each day, commodity managers use their understanding of marketplaces, vendors and company needs to preserve constant, cost-effective supplies of essential materials. Commodity managers must also use their communication skills to establish secure and reliable relationships with suppliers. They may organize logistics and expedite balanced inventory amounts to meet demands without wasting precious warehouse space or resources.

Commodity managers keep track of market situations. Using their knowledge, experience and intuition, they make acquisitions when prices are favorable. This means studying trends to identify and solve possible supply chain issues.

Other typical duties include drawing up contracts and purchase orders, solving vendor conflicts, looking for new innovation opportunities and up writing reports.

What Qualifications are necessary to apply for this Commodity Manager position?

Educational requirements for commodity manager positions can vary, but this position requires at least a Bachelor’s degree, with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).

The ideal candidate for this commodity manager position will also have several years for experience in strategic sourcing in the direct categories specifically used in the automotive or marine industries. This candidate will be responsible for driving commodity strategies across the direct categories (mechanical, electrical, drives, engines, etc.). The manager will oversee four employees, including buyers and senior buyers. The manager also will manage total cost and supplier relationships as well as handle negotiations.

The company is looking for a candidate who has experience in managing others and displays strong interpersonal skills along with negotiation techniques, analytical skills, cost control abilities and high integrity.

What skills will help commodity managers?

Good commodity managers must also have a number of crucial soft skills. A commodity manager should be comfortable working independently, adapting to changing circumstances and multi-tasking in a fast-paced environment.

Good commodity managers also have great critical thinking skills. They should spot trends and analyze data. These skills will help a company cut costs and seize opportunities before its competitors.

Finally, a good commodity manager must have great communication skills. They should be able to break down and present complex information. A good commodity manager will effectively instruct front-line employees and coordinate a team effort.

At ZDA, we are constantly working to keep our job candidates informed about various hot jobs, like commodity manager. If you’re looking to find the next hot job you are qualified for contact a leading recruiter in supply chain management today!


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