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5 Buzzwords Hiring Managers Want to Hear During Your Interview

It may seem a bit trite to slip in buzzwords during a job interview. After all, shouldn’t you be considered based on your qualifications and ability to connect with your interviewer(s) on a professional level?

However, the language that we use does matter. Think about it: If you walked into a job interview dropping all kinds of slang and inappropriate language, you’d seriously hurt your chances of getting the job.

With that being said, let’s consider the following “buzzwords” you should make a point to include during your next interview.

1) We

The word “we” may not seem like a hot, trendy buzzword, and it isn’t – but you should try to use this pronoun as much as possible when talking about what you would do if hired.

A job interview is a kind of negotiation, and any good negotiator will tell you it’s best to think in terms of “we.” Talk about how “we could address this problem” or how “we could increase productivity.”

2) Results

It’s great to say you were an effective manager or a prolific sales representative. However, you ought to be capable of proving your claims using dollar figures, production numbers other quantifiable outcomes. Your interviewer wants to make a decision based on want you will likely achieve if hired, and providing hard numbers certainly makes their job much easier. Obviously, providing unimpressive numbers won’t do you any favors, but if you’re neck-and-neck with another applicant, transparency and clarity just might win the day for you.

When talking about past job duties, always include the ways your success was measured and go on to discuss the quantifiable outcomes you achieved.

3) Initiative

Each and every potential employer is trying to find and hire self-starters, regardless of the open position. This is due to the fact that self-starters are worth their weight in gold and relatively hard to find.

Be capable of talking about various ways you took initiative in past jobs. If you can show an ability to take charge and get results, you’ll have won over your interviewer.

4) Like

If you truly want the job, and to work for this business, don’t hesitate to share that desire. For instance, you may want to talk about how much you like the company’s products or the company’s reputation in the community.

If you’re looking for specific ways to be inspired by the job opportunity, perform a news search on the company. Find out how their products, services, policies, and stated values translate into newsworthy results. At the start of the interview, mention any flattering news items that caught your attention.

5) Thank You

It’s always a good idea to leave the interview on a high note, and expressing your gratitude is a good way to do that. So, say thank you at the end, and throughout the interview, too, for that matter. Make sure to express appreciation for anything the manager did for you during the hiring process.

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