Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

Will You Like Your Boss? How You Can Tell in the Interview!

Going into a job interview, you’re probably most concerned about making a good impression on your potential future boss.

However, the interview is also a chance for you to size up the person on the other side of the equation and determine if she or he will be a dream to work for, or a nightmare.

Since the typical face-to-face interview is short, you’ll need to operate fast to figure out if she is someone you would like to report to. Fortunately, keeping a few things in mind and asking the right questions can get you a lot of information quickly.

Ask why the job is open

Finding out why a company is trying to fill a position can tell you a lot. If the position is being created, that likely means the company is thriving and you’ll have a chance to grow right along with the company. If the person who last held the position was promoted, it means you may have the same opportunity.

However, if the person who last held the job quit or was let go – it could mean you’ll find yourself having the same fate.

Ask what they like about working there

When someone tells you why they took their job, it often shows how much enthusiasm they have for their job and what they value in a career. Be wary if your would-be boss doesn’t seem to have a lot of enthusiasm, or their values don’t match yours.

Also, don’t just pay attention to your prospective boss’ answers to these questions; pay attention at how she answers. Ideally, they should answer with respect and interest. The demeanor of the response will tell you something about their capability to have patience with subordinates’ inquiries.

Pay attention to your surroundings

When you walk into the working environment or your potential supervisor’s office to interview, pay attention to what you see. Is it sterile and stiff, or are there photos of smiling faces on the walls and on the person’s desk?

Pictures of social events or the manager enjoying their favorite hobby can reveal there is more to a person or group of people than just a day job. You should also look around for any office toys or amusing awards from past team-building exercises.

Pay attention to what is said

Sometimes, interviewers’ queries can reveal a lot. For example, if your interviewer asks questions indirectly related to work, she is thinking about you as an individual. For instance, a manager who prizes teamworking skills might want to talk about your volunteer work or the culture at your current office to determine if you are a good fit. A supervisor who is considers the mix of personalities in her group will probably be a good boss.

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