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Your Boss Resigned – What Do You Do Now?

It’s disruptive when anyone quits their job, but when it’s the boss – it affects every employee supervised by that person.

Sometimes, business goes on as usual. Other times, the resignation is a harbinger of bad times to come. Because of the potential ramifications, it’s important to think through your own career options and possibly take action when your boss quits.

Remain calm

A boss quitting can rock your world. What if they were forced out? What if they are jumping off a sinking ship? What if someone else comes in and make your life miserable?

While it’s smart to think about the possible scenarios connected with a key figure leaving, don’t let it throw you off your game. Panicking about what you do or don’t have control over isn’t going to allow you to move forward.

Also, don’t take your boss’s departure to heart or blame yourself for it. Remember, managers are people too with their own motivations.

Ask around, without drawing attention to yourself

While you shouldn’t completely freak out, it is a good idea to find out if your boss quitting is a bad thing for you. Think about who you can talk to stay informed on the office stability. Whenever possible, go directly to the source: Ask your former or soon-to-be-former supervisor why they are leaving. Then, say you are sorry to see them go, express your best wishes on their next undertaking and try to get some advice on your future prospects with the company.

If a one-on-one chat is not possible, you’ll need to dig a little deeper. Check around the office, limiting your investigation to people you respect and trust. Try to see if anyone knows where your supervisor is going. The answer could tell you a great deal about not only where they will end up, but how people may feel about it.

While there’s no guarantee you can count on second-hand knowledge as fact, “taking the temperature” of your workplace in light of the boss’s departure may provide you with a hint that there’s trouble ahead.

Seize the opportunity

Although losing a supervisor can be a crisis, both professionally and personally, it is also an opportunity. Think of it this way: when a team changes its roster, there’s a chance for someone else to step up and impress the coach.

If you can, take your old boss out for coffee and pick their brain on what the team needs from its next manager. Ask for feedback on your own performance and find out the areas you may be able to step up.

Also, don’t hesitate to talk about your ideas and offer ideas on how you’d like to contribute to the business in the future. Your old supervisor may be able to transition some of theirs duties to you or advise to others that you’re up for more responsibility.

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