Supply Chain Trends

How to Better Manage Your Logistics Data

The supply chain industry relies on timely data. Inventory management, shipment tracking, purchase orders, and more — a wide range of data remains an important part of the workday for anyone working in logistics management. Those able to successfully navigate the masses of information to gain competitive insight remain successful, leaving the also-rans drowning in their own data.

What follows are some strategies to improve the management of your own organization’s logistics data.

Data Integration is Important for Operational Efficiency

Logistics companies deal with many different companies — from shipping firms to manufacturers to retailers. Successfully integrating your own company’s data management systems with those from the organizations you do business with plays a major role in making your operations run more smoothly. Proper data integration helps to make your entire supply chain visible in real time, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly.

Adrian Gonzalez, director at Logistics Viewpoints echoes the need for better data integration for supply chain companies. “Gaining visibility is all about getting timely, complete information from a variety of trading partners who may or may not be up to speed with technology themselves,” said Gonzalez.

Leveraging the Promise of Big Data

The Big Data trend affects how many companies do business, and the logistics industry is no different. The top firms are the ones able to wean actionable business information from the huge amounts of data generated by the supply chain process. Amazon is one company noted for their success in properly using Big Data to support their daily operations.

It is important for logistics companies to use the right data analytics software to allow them to derive business intelligence from shipping data, customer order data, and more. Many technology firms offer software packages to help supply chain companies get a competitive advantage from their own masses of data.

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