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Are You Finding The Hidden Supply Chain Positions?

Unlike some other industries, lack of talent is usually not a problem in the supply chain industry. In fact, hiring in supply chain is very competitive. Top talent is always in high demand, and there is almost always a wealth of talent applying for a limited number of jobs.

And many of the best supply chain jobs aren’t even advertised—because they don’t have to be. Why? When companies advertise a job, they usually receive an onslaught of resumes, often from unqualified candidates. To save themselves time and money, they often turn to recruiters and staffing firms. These agencies focus on reaching out to passive candidates, not on job board advertising.

So, if you’re looking for a great job in supply chain, how can you improve your chances of landing one? Simple. Learn from the companies’ example—work with an experienced recruiter!

Find a recruiter that knows the supply chain industry. They need to understand the different types of positions and the types of companies who employ supply chain professionals. Work with them to create a career plan that includes the companies you’d most like to work for and the positions you’re most qualified for. With their contacts and insider knowledge, they can often get you in the door of companies you wouldn’t be able to access on your own.

They also know that supply chain jobs are available in almost every industry. Consider these opportunities when making a list of companies to target:

  • Retailers and Distributors –Retailers and distributors act as middlemen in the supply chain and manage inventory, control transportation costs and provide exceptional customer service through high in-stock availability.
  • Manufacturing and Production Companies –Manufacturing firms produce and supply a wide variety of products for sale or resale to a wide range of customers.
  • Transportation Companies –Transportation companies provide a vital link in most supply chains by moving raw materials, component parts, and other types of products through the chain.
  • Government Agencies- Government entities must manage the supply and acquisition, storage and distribution of various items. They regularly deal with supply chain management issues such as inventory analysis, procurement, and transportation.
  • Third-party logistics (3PL) Firms – Asset-based 3PLs use their own equipment and facilities to provide a variety of supply chain services to their customers. Non-asset-based 3PLs focus on advising clients on supply chain operations.

To access great but hidden jobs in the supply chain, work with a reputable, experienced supply chain recruiting firm like ZDA. You can get our full treatment, from resume review and interview coaching to access to jobs with our exclusive network of strategic partners. Or you can check out the supply chain positions we currently have available on our website, including:

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