Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

Overqualified? How to overcome this…

It’s frustrating but true: if you’ve been in the supply chain industry for awhile and have years of experience, it can actually work against you when you’re trying to find a new job. Why? Because you may be viewed as being overqualified.

It also seems counterproductive. Shouldn’t a hiring manager want somebody with a lot of experience? But there are four common concerns: that a candidate with more experience than necessary will be unhappy in a lower position. That they’ll expect an immediate promotion, or a higher salary than the company can afford. Or worst of all, that they’ll quit as soon as a better position comes along.

How can you overcome this perception? You may be tempted to change your resume to reflect less responsibility, lower pay or in some way make yourself seem less qualified than you are. Don’t do this. It’s never a good idea to falsify a resume. And you’ve worked hard for your education, experience, and expertise.

If you’re interviewing with someone who you think views you as “overqualified”, be sure to address their concerns with solid examples of why you would be a good fit in the position and how your experience in supply chain would be a vital asset to the company.

Be prepared to showcase how you’d be a great fit.

  • Focus on your accomplishments and skills, not job titles. Show the employer exactly how your skills match the employer’s needs. Don’t focus on other, unrelated skills you may have.
  • Be clear that you are flexible about salary. State that your previous earnings don’t factor into your decision that you want this job. Or say that you’re looking for a change and you’re willing to start a little lower than you were on a salary schedule and work your way up.
  • Present yourself as a good investment. Give the employer specific examples from your previous jobs of how you cut costs or brought in revenue.
  •  Stress teamwork. Demonstrate with specific examples that you are a team player and that you value the success of the team more than personal recognition.

If you’re not getting interviews and suspect that it’s because you seem overqualified, you could be applying for the wrong jobs. Give the experts at ZDA a call. We’d be happy to review your resume and your qualifications and help you find the right position in the supply chain industry for your experience.

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