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Are You Attracting Fantastic Candidates?

When you sit down to write a supply chain job advertisement, your goal should be to attract talented and qualified candidates and get them to apply for your job opening. What’s the best way to do this? By grabbing their attention, sparking their interest, and creating the desire to work for your company.

1) Your job title and lead paragraph should be your first step in attracting the job seeker’s attention.  Use exciting job titles, then make sure your lead paragraph expands on the statement made in your title and the excitement it created. If your job title says, “Wanted: VP of Supply Chain—Lead Our Top 2 Divisions!” your first paragraph should explain why leading these two divisions is such an exciting opportunity.

2) Next, build interest in the job opportunity and your company. Describe the details of the job and the job requirements—but go farther. Tell the candidate in simple language what she will be doing on a daily basis and the challenges she will face. Highlight the positives of working for your company. You want to make talented supply chain employees interested in this opportunity by showing them how this job will both benefit and challenge them.

3) Don’t be shy about selling your company. Go ahead and list the direct benefits of working for your company—as in, your actual benefits package—and how your company will improve the job seeker’s life. Job seekers, like all consumers, are interested in what’s in it for them. You can even consider including a testimonial from a company employee telling why he or she loves working for your company. An employee testimonial is a very powerful motivational tool.

4) When you write about the job itself, think about your current employees. Do all of them come from a traditional supply chain background? Some of your best employees may have experience in totally different industries—fields that can give your company a competitive edge. Good candidates could be out there this very moment having never heard the words “supply chain.” So don’t limit your response by making your list of “must have” requirements too strict.

5) You’ll also want to consider the personal qualities that would serve a candidate well. A warehouse manager should have good interpersonal communication skills in order to relate to workers on the floor. A logistics specialist would need to have exceptional attention to detail. And most of your descriptions will require flexible thinkers who enjoy solving problems. With each link in a supply chain, you have the potential for change or for failure. Having people on your team who can adapt and adjust for those eventualities is invaluable.

ZDA Partners can help your business write supply chain job descriptions that will attract highly qualified candidates. Contact us today to get started on your next set of hires.

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