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A Five-Minute Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting

Artificial Intelligence is quickly changing many industries at a mind-boggling rate and its starting to take the hiring process by storm.

Artificial intelligence technology is behind many new solutions for the hiring process, everything from basic hiring tools to advanced AI solutions. Together or on their own, these tools offer a more effective way for human resources to forecast a candidate’s future with the company.

Simple AI tools, intermediate program and advanced AI solutions are all allowing hiring personnel to dig through applicant files more effectively to identify the best match for their open positions. Basic and intermediate AI tools are largely based on automation, while more advanced applications include a significant degree of machine learning technology.

Simple AI tools

Basic AI tools such as screening chatbots and social media scraping tools can help hiring personnel with fundamental sourcing and screening functions. These tools are made to offer weak or average indicators on an applicant’s chance of success with the business.

One AI hiring assistant developed by FirstJob is a screening chatbot called Mya that interacts with job seekers to confirm their credentials, respond to questions and keep them in the loop on the status of their application. This bot offers 24/7 support via chat, text message, Skype or email, and will connect with human resources personnel when it can’t accomplish a task.

Social media scraping tools are a different kind of artificial intelligence hiring tool. These bots can collect vast quantities of information through an applicant’s social media profiles and use this information to calculate behaviors like future engagement amounts.

Intermediate AI tools

More advanced AI talent sourcing applications include tests, games or simulations that directly gather information from the candidate. Unilever is one business that uses an AI screening tool that calls for job seekers to spend about 20 minutes playing neuroscience-based games. In conjunction with the tech company Pymetrics, Unilever’s games can assess a candidate’s attributes such as memory, risk aversion, capacity to pick up on contextual cues and concentration.

Intermediate AI tools, like the one used by Unilever, generally give hiring personnel a relatively good indication of an applicant’s fit for the position. As useful as these kinds of tools can be, they generally don’t focus on particular job metrics.

Advanced AI solutions

Advanced AI solutions leverage custom algorithms that are designed explicitly to connect distinctive job performance metrics to qualities displayed by applicants. One advanced AI tool used by HireVue involves a video interview and an AI program the assesses verbal answers, body language and tone of voice. Questions asked in the interview are “specifically designed to elicit responses predictive of job success and find the right behaviors,” according to the company.

Another advanced tool developed by Affectiva can judge the honesty in a candidate’s response and their emotional intelligence by analyzing facial expressions.

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