Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

6 Things to Research About a Company Prior to Accepting a Job

Ideally, you should thoroughly research a company before even submitting an application.

But realistically speaking, most people don’t research a potential employer from top-to-bottom and front-to-back before applying to a job. In fairness, it’s difficult to be motivated to research an entire company when you aren’t sure if they will even respond to your application.

If you don’t thoroughly research a company before applying, you absolutely should do so before accepting a job offer. Researching the following six things can help you not only decide if you should accept an offer, but also if an offer you’ve been given is inadequate.

1) Culture

Research shows the interpersonal conflict is one of the biggest reasons people quit a job. If you don’t get along with your boss or your colleagues, you aren’t going to last very long.

Employer review sites like Glassdoor are a great tool for gaining insight into a company’s culture and people. In addition to reading reviews from current and former employees, you can also read reviews from those who’ve been through the recruitment process, which allows you to compare notes and see if anything has changed.

2) Ethics

Business can have ethical standards that are very different from your own, and you ought to avoid major ethical conflicts at all costs: If you are against animal testing, don’t work for a business that tests on animals.

You should also do a Google News search to see if the company has been in any legal trouble or situations with which you have an ethical issue. For instance, if the company recently went through a brutal negotiation with its workers’ union, and you are staunchly pro-union, you may want to think twice about accepting a job offer.

3) Advancement Opportunity

Glassdoor should be able to tell you a lot about advancement opportunity within the company, but a bit of snooping on LinkedIn can also provide clues. Check to see if the people you’ve met rose through the ranks or came from other organizations. Look at the profile of top management to see how many were able to climb the company ladder.

4) How the Job Responsibilities Stack Up

People with identical job titles at two different companies can have very different job experiences, especially when it comes to job responsibilities. Sometimes a job is very narrow and focused on responsibility comma and other times you’re expected to wear a lot of different hats. Look at the same or similar jobs at other companies and tried to determine if the expectations for the job you’re seeking are overly demanding.

5) Earning Potential

It’s also important to research the expected salary for the position and location. Numerous sites like can provide you with this information. If you would be relocating, you also need to consider cost of living.

6) Commute

Time and money spent on commuting can add up quickly. If a commute is too long or it significantly cuts into your budget, your passion for your job is going to be affected. The daily commute to a job might seem like a small thing, but often it’s the little things that matter most.

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