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6 Things to Include in Your Exit Email to Your Co-Workers

Let’s keep it real: Writing an exit email to your co-workers is something we all fantasize about.

Whether you’ve loved your job or absolutely hated it, walking out on your own terms is usually a good situation that fills you with confidence. The tricky thing is not letting that confidence go to your head when saying goodbye.

The people you worked alongside are an essential part of your network and it might be a good idea to maintain these contacts for years to come. They could possibly connect you with potential clients, job leads or even additional contacts for your network.

In addition to wanting to maintain strong professional relationships, officially saying goodbye is just the right thing to do. Despite the reason you are leaving, you should want to leave on a positive note.

With this in mind, consider including the following six things in your next exit email.

1) Saying thanks

If you’re moving on to greener pastures, the people around you probably had a hand in making that happen. An exit email is the perfect time to thank everyone from your closest co-workers, to your boss, to those you only saw a once a week.

2) Something personal (for people you’re close to)

We are usually closer to some people than others at any given job, and an exit email to those you were closest with should be a bit more personal. Leave the door open to continuing your relationship on a more personal level and offer your support for their career goals.

3) Professionalism (for people you’re not so close to)

As for those you don’t feel particularly close to, your emails to them should be gracious and professional. You never know when you might cross paths again and leaving on a good note can only pay dividends down the road.

4) Contact information

If you feel you had a close enough working relationship to someone to send them an exit email, you should feel comfortable giving them your contact information. A non-work email, LinkedIn address and your phone number are all good things to include.

5) All positivity

People can be annoying, and sometimes downright maddening. Even though you might want to put someone on blast on your way out the door, it’s never a good idea.

6) Just the basics

It’s understandable if you want to write a long, loving exit email to a favorite co-worker, or to your boss. However, an email isn’t the right format for expressing all your feelings. If you really want to tell someone how much they meant to you, do it in person.

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