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4 Benefits of Offering Supply Chain Professionals a Flexible Work Schedule

Many working professionals today want a flexible schedule, and yet fairly few organizations are offering this to their employees. Meanwhile, millions of Americans are opting to work gig-economy jobs because they want more control over their work and personal lives.

If your company doesn’t offer flexible work hours and options, you’re not only creating a work environment many people don’t prefer, you could also be turning off potential employees who won’t settle for a traditional working arrangement.

Despite the fact that more and more Americans are choosing gig work, the percentage of organizations offering flexible work has barely increased in the past decade, from about 4 to 5 percent. Strict work hours were likely more acceptable in the past because one parent stayed home to raise children. But now, both parents work, and this makes a strict work schedule less attractive, especially for people who see better work alternatives.

In essence, stringent hours are also bad for business. According to research studies, work-related stress takes a toll on physical health and leads to poor sleep hygiene, which can trigger a whole host of other problems. Furthermore, being overworked is often associated with a much greater likelihood of alcohol abuse, and this can have catastrophic impacts on the person, their family and even the community in the event of an accident.

Business owners should consider the following reasons to offer flexible schedule to their employees.

Higher productivity

Doing a good job is about more than just showing up, especially if the job doesn’t require a physical presence. One great approach to work flexibility is to allow for remote work several days a week, when you don’t need these workers to be physically present. If possible, this could include working nontraditional hours.

When the employer’s focus is on work being done, the staff members can focus on meeting deadlines and producing deliverables, as opposed to getting to work on time or navigating interpersonal office politics. When employees don’t have stress associated with physically coming into work, your company will benefit.

Remote work saves money

Providing space, electricity, heat and other basics to employees costs a company money. If employees are allowed to work remotely, your company doesn’t have to furnish basic resources for them and these resources could either be conserved or redirected.

Less employee stress

Providing people with the chance to use their own space and time enables them to catch up on essential personal activities, like taking their kids to school and getting enough sleep. When workers feel refreshed and aren’t rushed, they’re much happier to engage in their work.

Better recruitment

Because many other companies don’t offer flexible working arrangements, being one of the few companies that does can differentiate your organization in the minds of potential employees, making easier to recruit top talent.

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