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3 Tips to Effectively Use LinkedIn to Build Your Professional Connections

Some people are ambivalent about social media, and some people straight up avoid it. However, if you want to have a smoother, more efficient job search process, you should use LinkedIn.

LinkedIn can provide you with exposure and access to people who can help advance your career. The social media platform can allow you to find new job prospects, connect to potential clients, form business partnerships, get referrals and so much more.

A smart LinkedIn network doesn’t just sprout up on its own. Although the platform is designed to make building a network easy, you still have to do your part. Consider the following three tips on how to effectively build your LinkedIn network.

Connect with co-workers and clients

Every network must start somewhere, and your LinkedIn network should form around the business connections you already have. Uploading your email contacts from Gmail or Yahoo is an easy way to put many of your connections on the website. From there, you can pick and choose which contacts to try and connect with over LinkedIn.

You shouldn’t just upload your contacts when you start your network. If you’re constantly making new email contacts, regularly uploading them to LinkedIn can help you establish digital connections to your latest business connections.

While some have expressed concern about giving LinkedIn to access their contacts, it isn’t much different than putting personal data on a Google or Apple smartphone. Remember that LinkedIn also gives you the capability to export your contacts whenever you want.

Join and participate in LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups are a fantastic source for getting new connections. Merely joining a group on LinkedIn won’t do you any good though. You should jump into the discussions and add value as a member. Don’t use LinkedIn groups for marketing yourself. Use them for finding and connecting with the individuals who fit into your network.

Recently, groups have become more difficult to wade through. Many are not well-managed, and some are overrun by spam. However, there are still a lot of high-quality groups. You simply have to do your homework.

If you from a bond with someone in a group, send an invitation to connect founded on this association: Go to the LinkedIn group and click on Members to pull up the listing of members in the group.

Share and write your own insight on industry-related topics

LinkedIn members can gain visibility on the social network when they are more active. You can be one of these highly visible members if you invest in staying active. This is an understated, yet effective way to gain influence and credibility with your network connections.

One way you can be active is to regularly update your status with your thoughts on the latest industry development. Another way is to regularly share relevant content, and comment on what others are sharing.

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