Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

3 Reasons Why the Size of the Company Matters When Working a Supply Chain Job

Like selecting a college or university for your secondary education, opting for a large or small employer can have a significant impact on your life and your future.

If you opt for a big company, you will likely have access to an extensive benefits package and more possibility for advancement. However, being noticed for doing a good job is more difficult than it would be at a small company.

At a small organization, everyone knows everyone. There often is a strong feeling of community and almost a family atmosphere. However, you may not have many advancement opportunities and end up being stuck in the same job for many years.

Considering the three factors listed below will help you better focus a job search on the size of employer you think will best suit you and your future.

3 Ways to Determine What Size Company Is Right For You

1) Benefits

One of the main advantages of being employed by a large employer is the relatively generous perks on offer, including generous employee discounts and exclusive opportunities. Also, most large businesses can offer very competitive insurance options because they can negotiate better deals with insurers than smaller firms. Small companies don’t have the same bargaining power, so they can’t offer the same perks. Health insurance plans at these companies often have employees paying more out of pocket than at more prominent companies.

2) Opportunity

Large companies tend to offer plenty of career opportunities. To begin with, simply working with a large number of people translates into a more extensive professional network, which can increase access to opportunity and pay dividends in the future. Also, large companies typically have a well-defined system of evaluations and promotions that ambitious people can take advantage of.

At a small company, there is not a lot of opportunity for advancement. If the company isn’t expanding rapidly, you must wait for someone to quit or get fired. This can easily lead to professional stagnation.

3) Freedom

Small companies generally have fewer formal procedures and policies set up than large businesses. People who like a lot of freedom and flexibility in their job will see this as a significant benefit, while those who crave structure may feel lost without a lot of formal policies. A lack of formality can be especially problematic when people take advantage of grey areas and a lack of transparency.

Small businesses are more prone to adopting new ideas and applying new solutions. If you like being able to have an impact in your role, this atmosphere can allow you to shine. However, at large businesses, it is much more difficult for new ideas to get adopted due to the massive corporate structure, well-defined policies, and rigid procedures.

We Can Help You Find the Company that is Right for You

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